Find It: Research & Databases

Connect to Information

Whether you want to learn a new language, get crafty, or just find your next book, we have a database for you.  All databases are freely available from the Garland County Library, home, or anywhere else with your Garland County Library card.

Some services may require you to create an account.

Research Policies

Requests via Mail, Long Distance Calls, or Email

We may respond to requests about Library holdings and for information on a subject within an area of the Library’s responsibility that can be quickly answered.

We accept reference questions that relate to tracing family history in Hot Springs, Arkansas and Garland County only. We also accept questions from Garland County residents who need genealogy research assistance.

For all other types of in-depth or extensive reference or genealogy research, we encourage you to consult your local library, genealogy society or historical associations.

Brief Answers to Factual Questions

Given the volume questions we receive, our service is only able to provide brief answers to factual questions.

For example, staff will look up people in the indexes and tables of contents of materials in our collection, such as city directories, newspaper and other indexes, and local histories.

Individual name searches must include geographical location, probable time frame, plus any other clues that might be useful. You must provide a date for newspaper articles or obituary searches.

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Correspondence is answered in order of receipt, i.e. e-mailed requests do not receive priority over mailed requests.


Regardless of the complexity of the search, the library charges a service charge of $30 per hour, for a minimum of one hour. This fee includes mailing and postage costs.

In most cases, the library will ask you to remit the minimum cost before staff will begin processing your request. You will be advised in advance if the research will require more than one hour.

We do accept money orders or personal checks. Please do not send cash.

Confidentiality of Patrons’ Records (Arkansas Code 13-2-701, Acts 1989, No 903)

The Garland County Library will not disclose any information concerning any patron. We must remind you however, that information submitted through the Internet over non-encrypted email is not always secure.

We maintain your confidentiality once the question arrives at our service, but we are not responsible for any breech of confidentiality while the email message is traveling over the Internet.